Thursday, September 27, 2007

changed the blog url

Yesterday, I talked with some of my friends about the blog. They said: "hey, cool, but what do you do after 2010?". I was stunned. But, yes there are right. In 2010, the space shuttle is retired. Some years later (hopefully sooner than later), the Ares rockets will launch cargo and humans into space, to the Moon, hopefully to Mars and at some distant time even beyond that.

When I started this blog, the main intension was to provide a trip report from my launch viewing. But it is also interesting to write about all the cool things that go together with launch preparations. So I may continue to drop a post or two on future missions. And, of course, I will try to view an Ares launch when it is time to do so (though I guess tickets to the first human flight will be very hard to get hold off).

Writing about Ares under No, that sounds strange. So I have changed the blog url to, just to be prepared for the new things to come. And, hey, you never know if some friendly folks will sponsor me a trip to see an Ariane or Russian launch... ;)

I have set up a redirector to redirect traffic with the old urls to the new ones. In the first day, that may not work very well (due to technical issues, for the geeks: DNS propagation delay). I'd also appreciate if you could update your bookmarks. Sorry for any hassle this url change causes - but I think it has a good reason...

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