Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Discovery being mated...

Space Shuttle Discovery being mated to Solid Rocket Boosters and External Tank
Launch preparations for STS-120 seem to be on a good track. I just was able to obtain a few stunning images of Discovery being mated to the external tank and the solid rocket boosters. This all happens in the VAB, the gigantic assembly building.

On the images, you can see how the orbiter is hooked on a crane and then slowly moved over and attached to the rest of the stack.

Please note that in everyday speak, we say "space shuttle" and usually actually mean orbiter. The airplane-like crew and cargo transport system is "just" the orbiter. When mated to the boosters and external tank, it *then* become the full space shuttle.

To view all pictures, please visit my STS-120 VAB assembly picture album.

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Armando Perdomo said...

Nice work. In fact, I am informed about the launch reading your blog. BTW, did u get this picture from the webcams? I am stunning with the picture quality. Thanks and maybe I'll see you in the KSC.

Armando Perdomo

Rainer said...

oops... I just noticed that I do not have notifications on comments turned on. Sorry for any delay ;)

The picture wasn't from a webcam. Its on the NASA press site and I've seen that it currently is also on the NASA shuttle home page - looks like I picked the right one.

If you hunt for pictures, it's a good idea to google a lot with several NASA keywords.

Armando Perdomo said...

Ok, don't worry. Thanks for your response, I did my research and I found it. BTW, maybe these sites could be useful for your blog.

The first link can be useful to see the launch from different locations.


Flickr can be useful too. I am considering upload my pictures there:


Last news!

Discovery takes first step on road to the launch pad:


Rainer said...

Oh, that launchphotography.com site is great! I'll also see that I post updates to the blog as soon as I have them ;)