Wednesday, September 26, 2007

hotels, hotels, hotels...

A typical view of Titusville hotel reservation before launch day - unavailable ;)
Did I mention that I had quite some trouble booking hotel rooms for my shuttle launch? The nights in Orlando were no problem at all - Orlando simply has so many hotels of all kinds, it is really hard to book them out... But Titusville and Cocoa Beach is a different story.

I made the mistake to not immediately book hotel rooms after I booked my launch transportation tickets from KSC. When I was ready to do that, my fellow "launch viewers" already had taken the majority of rooms. Interestingly, the 22nd was most heavily booked - but the 23rd was much easier to get. It looks like a lot of folks believe in a total on-time launch - or hope to be able to extend if the launch is delayed. The later, I think, is a false impression.

I finally managed to book rooms, but I have to change hotels every now and then. The interesting fact about this is that on certain days I need to pack all my luggage into the car - and if that is on a launch day, I'll need to drive with my fully-packed car up to KSC. I am not sure what the security guards will say about this... For now, I hope it will not really be necessary, but, if so, I hope I can get along with it. Of course, once I am down there in the Titusville area, I'll check with the hotels if I can put my luggage into some room even when I have checked out.

So I was all set. Ahem - was I? Actually, I made a second mistake: I was so sure that Orlando hotels are no problem that I simply forgot to book a room over there! Boing... Crazy me. What now? Well, book ASAP. And that I did. Thankfully, I was able to book at the Residence Inn, what was exactly what I wanted. But the bad news was that pricing had changed. I suspect there is higher demand for rooms due to the shuttle launch. Whatever it was, it costs me around 20 bucks (plus tax, of course), per day. Bottom line: if you want to visit a shuttle launch and still stay in Orlando, book as early as possible even if it typically is no problem to get a nice room in the Orlando area...

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Armando Perdomo said...

I made the same mistake and was really hard to me find a hotel. When did you book your hotel? I want to know about it because I did it the last sunday, on Sept 23 and the Residence Inn was full. I tried using, Travelocity, Orbits etc even in their website. So, now I am curious about if they reserve rooms outside the states. I could find a room, after 2 hours, in the Best Western in front of Cocoa Beach Pier. It looks a nice place but I was expecting be between people with the same interests.

Rainer said...

Hi Armando,

I probably did not express my self well enough - the Residence Inn I could book was the one in Orlando - when I arrive. I stay there for two nights and then I move over to Titusville. Even two weeks or so ago the Cocoa Beach Residence Inn was fully booked for the 22nd to 25th. I looked for other rooms at this time. I got some nights in the Hampton Inn in Titusville, which seems to be the only really decent hotel there. I got another one in the Super 8, from what I do not expect much. As you can see, I move a lot, mostly because of the booking situation.

I didn't think it was so bad, but if you think about it really hard, it absolutely makes sense - there are not many rooms at least in Titusville.