Wednesday, September 26, 2007

oops ... did not notice comments...

Sorry to all folks who commented on my blog - I did not react at all. Shame over me. If you take time to provide your ideas, you deserve at least a little bit of reaction.

The problem is that I am an email junkie - I set mail notifications for everything I do. And if I don't get an email notification, it is almost sure that I forget about it. And when setting up the blog, I forgot to enable email notifications. Guess what happened then...

The good new is that the notifications are now enabled, so I will now reply much more promptly. I enjoy your thoughts and discussions, so keep them coming. Maybe we can even manage to network a couple of folks who want to view this launch. Wouldn't that be nice? So, if you are in for it - please spread word about my little blog and help get more cool people to read, comment and discuss :)

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