Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shuttle Discovery probably back on schedule

Shuttle Discovery with re-assembled strut
On the picture, you can see the shuttle strut being reassembled. That's actually a great relief to me.

This article does a full wrap-up and analysis of the current state:

As it looks, the launch date for Discovery's STS-120 mission will only slip nominally, if at all. The engineers have done superb work today, managed the repair that was scheduled for a few days in just one morning - congrats!

To me, that means my travel plans are so far unaffected. However, there is now no buffer time left, so everything else is on the critical path. But, hey, why should something else go wrong? :-D

I see that it was right not to panic, even while a larger launch slip was in question. I guess I'll manage to keep cool on other occasions, too (at least this is my current school of thinking ;)).

OK, enough good news for the evening.

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