Sunday, September 16, 2007

Space Blog mission Statement ;)

As time progresses, things change. This is also true for blogs. When I started this blog, it was all about my STS-120 launch viewing trip. But then I discovered the beauty of blogging and converted it more and more in a general space related blog.

This is where we are right now: This blog is about space and space flight in general. For obvious reasons, it covers space shuttle launch and operations, but I also keep a keen eye on the Constellation program with the Ares launches and Orion crew exploration vehicle. And, of course, the international space station ISS and its helpers (including the European ATV) are also on-topic.

I try to convey news but with my personal point of view. Feedback is highly appreciated and reader stories are posted when I receive them (of course, assuming that they are on-topic).

I hope you have fun reading this blog. Feedback is always welcome.

For completeness, here are previous mission statements:

Up until mid-November 2007:

This is my blog about viewing Space Shuttle launches. I have tried once in Summer 2006 (with no success) and will retry in October of 2007 for the STS-120 mission. I blog about my travel preparations, things that come to my mind and the overall experience. [read more about what's in this blog]

This blog is about viewing space shuttle launches. To be even more precise, it is about me trying to view a shuttle launch. I hope it will be interesting to you to hear about my fate when trying to actually see it.

I have already tried once, in summer 2006. That time, it was the STS-115 mission, which were endlessly delayed due to a number of issues. But that's another topic. If I find time, I'll try to dig out my past travel logs and convert them to blog posts. Will see ;)

But, hey, why read this blog? First of all, you will probably have a good laugh at what I am trying when it gets problematic [and I bet it will] ;) Other than that, you may possibly want to go yourself one day. In that case, you can probably learn a bit out of my experiences(and, yes, I plan to write about the cool things, too ;)). Some may even claim that they somehow feel closer to the launch experience if the read the notes of someone who does.

And, remember: the last shuttle is set to rocket off Kennedy Space Center in 2010 - so if you want to experience a launch, there is not much time left! Better you be prepared.

So - have fun and keep reading. I will possible save this post as a reference and update it from time to time.

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