Friday, October 12, 2007

Movie of Rotating Service Structure re-attached to Shuttle

The mobile launcher platform at the pad, waiting for the RSS to be attached.Yesterday, I captured NASA public webcam images and created a small animation from them. It shows how the rotating service structure (RSS) is being reattached to space shuttle Discovery.

The RSS had to be rolled back to carry out the APU hotfire test, which was postponed to yesterday due to bad weather. I have not yet heard of any test results, but assume all went well.

The video is the ground-level MLP view, the actual space shuttle can not be seen. When the video starts, watch the shadows. You will see the RSS shadow before you see the RSS itself.

To watch the video, please go to my personal site - it is too big to fit into this blog's theme. The link is:

RSS being re-attached to mobile launcher platform

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