Monday, October 22, 2007

only the weather seems to be the constraint

I was to Orlando' Discovery Cove today, so I think I just quote NASA's shuttle home page for now:

At the STS-120 Launch Readiness News Conference Sunday morning, LeRoy Cain, launch integration manager, pointed to the weather as the only question mark for the launch week ahead. He reported all is "ready to move forward to launch on Tuesday."

Weather officer Kathy Winters called Tuesday's weather "promising" at 60 percent favorable. She explained that they continue tracking a frontal boundary that may now arrive on Wednesday, earlier than previously predicted. The front should be out in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, but the timing of the front's arrival could cause problems for a Wednesday launch attempt should Tuesday's launch not occur. Weather should improve once the front passes through the area. There is still only a 10 percent chance that weather could prohibit tanking for Tuesday's liftoff.

That's excellent news. The weather, however, seems to be a problem. Again, we had rain over here in Orlando and so it looks like viewing the launch becomes a betting game. We'll see.

I'll drive over to Titusville tomorrow and try to catch Kennedy Space Center's "up close" tour. I hope the weather is well enough so that we can really see something.

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Armando Perdomo said...

Well, I'm in Cocoa Beach, close to the KSC. It was really hard to get here because the rain. I couldn't see the road. Now, after the sunrise the day looks better.

Take a look to my first pictures:

Rainer said...

Hi Armando,

We just got up in Orlando and witnessed a beautiful sunrise. I will shutdown my computer soon and head to KSC. Hope the weather is with us. I just read there now is 60% chance of weather prohibiting launch, but Florida weather seems to change quickly ;) So let's hope for the best.


susan said...

I'll be parked by the side of the road, hoping you get a good view, because that means I'm getting a good view, too....