Friday, October 26, 2007

thanks to all I have met!

I am still trying to keep up with personal notes. But, hey, there is so much to do in Florida and my family is taking its time. I have also to update a German blog, care a bit about my day job (I need to be available by mail, a small price for the ability to view the launch), try to gather more information on STS-120 and some other things. So the personal notes receive somewhat less time.

One thing I would like to do right now is to thank all those folks that greeted my at Kennedy Space Center! I was quite surprised that a number of you not only followed my blog, but recognized me at the center (the "bag question" picture seems to have done wonders ;)). Wow - a new experience: strangers (now friends) approached me based on this little blogging site. That really touched me. So to all of you once a again a warm thanks -- and keep reading and posting. It really makes a difference!

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