Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tickets for December launch (STS-122) go on sale!

STS-122 Tickets Sales is opens MondayNASA seems to have just waited for the successful STS-120 launch. I just received notification that tickets for the STS-122 launch go on sale next Monday (October, 25th) at 9am EDT. If you'd like to see Atlantis launch, hurry up! Tickets typically sell out within minutes (really!). So be at your computer at 9a sharp and get those tickets as fast as you can.

After whitnessing the STS-120 launch, I can definitely say that it is a very good idea to get launch transportation passes!

Update: If you could not get launch transportation tickets, there is still a chance to go to the causeway. Read my article on using tour operators to view a launch from NASA causeway.

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Leuband said...

How much did you pay for your STS-120 LTT ticket, incl. shipping cost to Germany etc. ?

A few years ago, such viewing passes were FREE! You could just ask NASA KSC for a Causeway Car Pass and they sent it to you. Good old times....
I think nowadays Delaware North Corp. sells most of these tickets to ticket agencies like Grayline, therefore the lack of availability for "private" travellers.

Rainer said...

The LTT was $54 plus $37 for shipping ;) I think it is not only Delaware North Corp., but the increased safety rules after 9/11.

Besides that, I notice that the "good old times" had many more goodies. For example, what is now the Up Close tour was the standard tour 15 or so years ago. And you could get to the Apollo command module in Saturn V center a few years ago. There are some other examples. But the general rule of thumb is: the later you visit, the less you'll see.

I guess, however, this is not only the case at KSC.