Tuesday, October 23, 2007

to launch ... or not to launch ;)

Today was a quite good day. The weather was OK, with lots of clouds in the morning and only very few ones in the evening. No rain at KSC, but there would have been too many clouds if it were a launch day.

The Internet connectivity in the Super 8 Titusville where I managed to stay is even worse than expected, my room seems to be too far away from the wi-fi hotspot. So I'll be brief with this post.

The bad thing this morning was that the Up Close tour was sold out, so we had to go for the regular program. But not that bad at all.

The cool thing of the days was that I actually met Armando (a frequent commenter on this blog) in person. Out of the sudden, he spotted my at Saturn V center. Armando, it was really great talking to you!

NASA so far sticks with tomorrows launch date. The constraint is still the weather. NASA officially says that there is a 60 percent chance that the launch will be scrubbed. On spaceflightnow.com, however, a knowledgeable meteorologist just said that he'd give a 80 percent chance for a launch. His data was probably more current, so I stick to his point of view.

I'll need to get up by 3a tomorrow (yeah, that's in roughly 6 hours) as we booked "Breakfast with an Astronaut" and the breakfast is scheduled for 5:30a. So don't expect an early morning post from me. I'll try to post via my cell phone from KSC, but I do not know if I get coverage (at the hotel, it looked bad).

Stay tuned ... and cross your fingers, please ;)

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