Wednesday, October 3, 2007

travel preparations

Not only NASA needs to prepare for the space shuttle flight. I, too need to prepare for my journey. Of course, it's much shorter than Discovery's, but I'd still like to have all things with me and not go back if I forget something.

Today is a rainy day over here - and also a public holiday. So what day could be better to begin travel preparations? This time, I need to bring quite a lot of technology with me. For example, some of the hotels I have booked have only wired LAN access available (for example the Residence Inn in Orlando). I remember the last time I stayed there, I was tied to the sofa because the Internet cable was only a foot or so long. This time, I'll bring a nice wireless access point with me - that'll do the job.

Well ... I'll begin to gather my things now and I'll see what all I come up with.

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