Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Armando's STS-120 launch experience report

Armando Perdomo and Rainer Gerhards at Kennedy Space CenterDo you remember Armando Perdomo? He is a frequent reader and commenter on this blog. I also had the joy of meeting him in Kennedy Space Center the day before launch. Armando is a great guy and I enjoy to be able to call him now a friend!

Armando is also a great photographer and, as it seems, story teller. He was even quicker than me in getting his STS-120 launch experience online. I highly recommend his blog to everyone. You can read it here:

I am sure you will enjoy his report.

I would also like to start a "blog parade" (or how is this called in English?;)) with blogs (and other sites) that publish STS-120 launch viewing experiences.
If you have one, please drop me a line, so that I can add a link on this blog. I'll also see if I can set up a somewhat better system and, if so, will let all of you know.

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