Sunday, December 2, 2007

2008 Space Shuttle Launches

I thought I post some potential launch dates for 2008. Only the February date for STS-123 is officially given by NASA, the others are based on well-informed rumor. However, NASA has decided to continue to use space shuttle Atlantis after the Hubble service mission in August 2008. That will most probably affect the overall launch scheduled. I would be very careful planning anything based on the dates given below, as they are likely to change.

February , 2008: STS-122, flown by space shuttle Atlantis.

March, 11th, 2008
: STS-123, flown by space shuttle Endeavour

May, 31st, 2008
: STS-124, flown by space shuttle Discovery

August, 28th 2008
: STS-125, flown by space shuttle Atlantis. This is the famous Hubble space telescope servicing mission. Please note that for this launch it will be the last time in history that you can see two space shuttles being at the launch pads at the same time. Atlantis will be at pad 39A and Endeavour will be at pad 39B, ready to launch for a (hopefully never needed) rescue mission. Pad 39B will be handed over to the Ares/Constellation (NASA's new moon program) after this launch.

October, 16th 2008: STS-126, flown by space shuttle Endeavour

December, 4th 2007: STS-119, flown by space shuttle Discovery

All missions except STS-125 are ISS construction flights and will be launched from pad 39A.

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