Monday, December 10, 2007

Astronauts have left Kennedy Space Center

The astronauts have left Kennedy Space Center, but not without a big thank you to the launch support guys:

"We want to thank everyone who worked so hard to get us into space this launch window," the astronauts said in a statement. "We had support teams working around the clock at KSC, JSC, and numerous sites in Europe. We were ready to fly, but understand that these types of technical challenges are part of the space program. We hope everyone gets some well-deserved rest, and we will be back to try again when the vehicle is ready to fly."
They are now back to Houston, where they will continue their practices in support for a space shuttle Atlantis launch in January 2008. The launch is scheduled to be no earlier than January, 2nd. The date is obviously affected by the result of the ECO sensor troubleshooting that is currently being conducted. First news on that troubleshooting effort is expected on Tuesday.

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