Thursday, December 6, 2007

Shuttle Launch on Friday?

A number of folks have asked me if space shuttle Atlantis will launch on Friday. While there is a chance for a December, 7th shuttle launch, nothing solid is yet known. We need to wait until the 4pm ET press conference. In the mean time, please be sure to read my posting about the latest official NASA briefing. And, of course it is better to scrub a shuttle launch attempt than to risk crew and vehicle in a situation where launch parameters are not within set limits.

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Armando Perdomo said...

Well, thanks for your email. Definitely, it saves me at least 500 miles driving. Now, I have a real reason to subscribe me to your blog.

Looks like if I'll be out this time but I am fine. I am glad they are taking precautions for the success of the mission.

Go Atlantis!

Cheers, Armando

Armando Perdomo said...

BTW, I have a question now. What is the procedure after the launch is scrubbed? Do they will keep the shuttle uncovered? If the answer is yes, it could be a good opportunity to take shuttle pictures.

Rainer said...

Hi my friend Armando,

hehe, it's always good to have some reasons for subscribing at hand ;)

On the procedure: AFIK, it depends on what NASA decides, which analysis and corrective action they take. However, given the fact that the RSS is still rotated away, I do not expect that they re-attach it for a Friday launch attempt. I guess there is simply no time for doing so.

HOWEVER, on launch days, the LC 39 observation gantry is closed (at least this is what I know). Plus you need a special ticket for KSC - the annual pass is not valid. So there are some limiting factors.

I am eagerly awaiting the press conference.

Cheers, Rainer