Wednesday, December 5, 2007

STS-122: All GO!

Soon, you'll see this again at launch pad 39A, Kennedy Space Center:

space shuttle Atlantis at the launch pad

Everything is gooing very smoothly and the rotating service structure will soon be rotated away from Atlantis. Then, the space shuttle is free to launch off the ground. Sure, problems may still happen at any time, but he so-far absolutely flawless processing flow is very promising. It looks like we will have a great launch tomorrow afternoon.


And here are some details from the NASA homepage:

The launch team at NASA's Kennedy Space Center is continuing its steady march toward a lift off Thursday afternoon for space shuttle Atlantis. The countdown is proceeding smoothly, NASA Test Director Jeff Spaulding said Wednesday.

Mission STS-122 is scheduled to launch at 4:31 p.m. EST from NASA's Florida launch base. Atlantis will carry the European-developed Columbus laboratory and attach it to the International Space Station. Seven astronauts, including two from the European Space Agency, will fly aboard Atlantis.

Technicians and engineers at the launch pad have several steps ahead of them Wednesday. The most visible milestone will come in the evening when the Rotating Service Structure is moved to its launch position where it will be out of the way of Atlantis. The gantry encloses much of the shuttle while it is on the launch pad and gives workers access to critical areas of the shuttle and its payload.

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