Wednesday, December 5, 2007

STS-122: Lauch Viewers ... Get Ready ;)

If you are going to view the STS-122 launch, it finally is time to get ready. If you have Causeway tickets or go to Kennedy Space Center's main visitor complex, you are probably all set. Just remember to come right in time, at your allocated arrival window! And be sure to plan for heavy taffic!

If you do not have any tickets, probably the best place to view the lauch is from Titusville.
I have not been there for launch myself, but my friend Armando Perdomo (and others) recommends Veteran's Memorial Park. I suggest you have a look at his launch viewing report in his blog - that should give you ample clues. If you go any other place, make sure that you find one with unobstructed view of the launch pads! Also be sure to park your car at some legal place, as police doesn't like all those cars parking in strange places...

And one important note: sound travels faster than light. Of course, you know that. But the effect is that in Titusville, you will hear the launch roughly 60 seconds after you can see it! That means 60 seconds AFTER it has happend! So the most spectacular part of the liftoff is already over when you hear it. So make sure you look into the right direction at the right time! The launch is scheduled for 4:31pm ET and it is just a ten minute window. That means the launch can (usually, no guarantee ;)) happen between 4:26 and 4:36. I highly recommend a radio scanner, wireless Internet access for NASA TV, your friend at the phone or whatever you can do to get hold of the official countdown information.

I hope this last-minute information is useful. I wish all of you a great launch day. And if you have some time left, I'd really appreciate if you would drop me a few notes for the blog here. I promise I'll publish all of them ;)

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