Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Shuttle Feedthrough Connector Removal Pictures

As a new year's gift, NASA has place twelve interesting pictures from the December, 29th removal of the feedthrough connector in the media gallery. The original format is quite a bit hard to read (at least in my opinion), so I thought I recompile them in this post.

The feedthrough connector was removed to be shipped to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center for further cryogenic testing. This is part of the ongoing space shuttle ECO sensor troubleshooting. If you doubt why further troubleshooting is needed, you may want to have a look at my "xmas decoration and space shuttle similarities" post ;)

Very interesting to see the technicians at work.

First, the external connector cable is cut:

Then, a pair of support brackets is removed:

Before disconnecting the connector assembly, it receives a cleaning, removing any residual foam insulation:

Then, the connector assembly, with its associated electrical harness, is pulled away from the tank:

Technicians set up equipment that will be used to take X-rays of the connector cable:

Then, the connector is disconnected before it is demated from the external tank:

And finally the demate occurs:

The technician then inspects the connector just removed from the external tank:

Technicians wrap the connector for transport to NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., for further cryogenic testing:

... and place the wrapped connector in a shipping container:

... which is then finally carried away for transport to the Marshall Space Flight Center:

Nice work, guys! And now I am eager to hear about the testing results in MSFC! Stay tuned...

Image Credit for all pictures: NASA

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Fearless Leader Sue said...

Great photos on the connector removal. Thanks for sharing them.

the inventor said...

Space shuttle to Mars saving thousands of jobs.