Tuesday, May 13, 2008

being back...

Hi folks,

it's a long, long time since my last post. You probably thought I have long abandoned the blog. But, nope, I haven't. I was just way to busy with my rsyslog open source project. It ate up all my time. So while I made tremendous progress with that project, everything else starved. I couldn't even visit ESA's Columbus control center where I had press invitations for. That was really bad...

But now I have reached a some point of my project where there is gradually some time left to look at other things. So I hope to be able to carry on with my blog. I'll start with updating those pages that really need it. Then I'll go for new content.

I hope to find some of my readers back :)


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Nim said...


I just read your blog and I had a couple of questions if you could answer. I graduated from my Bachelors in Computer and Control Systems Engineering (in Canada) last year and now I got accepted in Cornell University for Masters in Aerospace Engineering.

I wish to pursue Aerospace Engineering with a focus on Space craft controls.I was hoping to work in US after that for some time. But when I search for jobs online curiosity sake, I only find space jobs that are for US citizens or permanent residents. Being a Canadian I am legally allowed to work in US, but it seems the requirement for space jobs are more stringent.

Do you know if ALL the jobs would require resident status atleast? This is very disheartening.

Rainer said...

Oops, I somehow missed that comment. Sorry for that. Actually, I have no idea what is required, but from my general understanding you must have at least a work permit. If you do not come in via a Canadian company. that most probably means you need to have resident alien status.

On the other hand, I think, the Canadian space industry has a good reputation. Why not try finding something in Canada?